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External SSL cert in SIM breaks VMM


External SSL cert in SIM breaks VMM

How do I install an SSL certificate from our internal certificate authority (CA) into HP SIM (via Options\Security\Certificates\Server Certificate...) without breaking the link between SIM and the Virtualization Management Software (VMM)? I have tried importing the cert and the cert chain with VMM stopped and running but with no luck. The hpvmmsvc.log in C:\Program Files\HP\HP Virtualization Management Software\log records the following:

INFO - SSLSupport initialized with keyStore=/vmtools.ks trustStore=/vmtoolstrust.ks
INFO - SIM SOAP access failed.
WARN - Waiting 30 seconds until retrying to contact SIM.

The last two lines repeat and then after 30 minutes the HP Virtual Machine Management Service shuts down.

It looks like I should be able to add our enterprise root CA to the vmtools.ks or vmtoolstrust.ks keystores but I cannot find them. Nor can I find any reference to them in the VMM release notes or user guide documentation.

VMM works again if I create a new self-signed SSL cert in SIM.

HP SIM 5.1 with SP1 (build C. and VMM/HP Virtual Machine Management Pack 2.2
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