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HELP: move SQL2Ksp4 Database to another server?

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HELP: move SQL2Ksp4 Database to another server?

I have installed and working HP SIM Version: "Systems Insight Manager 5.0 with SP4 - Windows".
The SQL Database and SIM Server have always been the same server.

I detached the DataBases and moved them to a new server.

What i need to know is how to edit the settings on HP SIM so it will look at the database i have moved to the new server?

I have tried editing the database.props file by replacing any word relating to the old server to the new server.

Can anyone help?

Ole Thomsen_1
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Re: HELP: move SQL2Ksp4 Database to another server?

For troubleshooting purposes you can test the connection from ODBC Administrator, using the login for HPSIM databaseconnection and the server settings in database.props

Ole Thomsen
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Re: HELP: move SQL2Ksp4 Database to another server?

After Trauling through the forums i found where i was going wrong.

The original install of System Insight Manager was done using the local system account, this is what was preventing the access to the DB on the NewDB server.

Here is an outline guide of what i did.

1) I deleted the ODBC DSN's - tested the app still worked. (As i had read in the forums these are not used).
2) I created a dedicated AD User account, made it a local admin on the HPSIM Server and the NewDB server.
3) Changed the logon of the "HP System Insight Manager" Service to the dedicated AD Service account. Stopped and started the service. - tested the app still worked.
4) Detached the 3 HPSIM SQL Databases, moved them to the NewDB server and attached the databases on the NewDB server.
5) Edit the "c:\Program Files\hp\Systems Insight Manager\config\database.props" file.
CHANGE Server Name:
CHANGE UserAccount for the Deicated AD Service account:

The Tricky Part:
although you have change the hp.Database.username you must set the password for this account. This is where i got stuck and i found the answer in the following forum:
In short follow these steps:
6a) from a cmd prompt type: mxpassword -?
This will bring up your options.
6b) from a cmd prompt type: mxpassword -g
This will load the MxPassword App.
6c) slect modify
6d) change Password Key to MxDBUserPassword
6e) Type and confirm the password of the dedicated AD Service Account.
6f) Click Modify
6g) Click Close

The Application should now work using the Database on the NewDB server.