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HP MIB database

Ludovic Felten
Occasional Visitor

HP MIB database


In our environment we use HP Management Agents for Server (Windows 2003) but NOT Insight Manager.

We want to monitor a couple of things among which the remaining disk space. Using the Insight Homepage web tool, we were able to set thresholds on "% disk space used". However, we'd rather monitor available disk space in Mb so I looked at the knots and bolts behind the thresholds and noticed that it was set in the SNMP MIB CPQTHRSHLD. Then I modified the snmp table row (using snmpset commands) to effectivelly monitor the disk space in Mb.

First it worked fine and I got alarms when going over the threshold. But then I noticed one of the string field that I modified read "test2" instead of "test". After a couple of tests, I noticed that for some reason snmp set commands sometime add junk characters at the end of the strings I want to set. I haven't been able to explain this but it's not too bad (but maybe it's linked to the following trouble).
What's bad is that the row that I modified previously, now seems to be stuck: whenever I try to change one of the values it gives me a "general failure" and the monitoring does not work either.

I tried to uninstall the Management Agents, reboot and reinstall, but the values where still there. So my question is where are the values kept? is it in a file on the drive that I could get rid of/edit myself? is it in the registry?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HP MIB database

You would have to modify the management agents in order to accomplish what you want and that is not possible. By manually modifying the data you're effectively corrupting the data.