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HP SIM Servers in a Single Console

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HP SIM Servers in a Single Console



Anybody has any idea to get Multiple CMS into a single console. Actually my concern is to login a single console and view all the Hardware Events generated to my Multiple HP SIM Servers.



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Re: HP SIM Servers in a Single Console



You're going to want to look into SIM federation.  I don't personally use it but as I understand it, it is a way to link multiple SIM consoles for at least the ability to search for systems and events.  I do not believe federated systems will forward events to a single console, but you can view them from multiple, in a single instance.  It really depends on why you would need this - I assume due to size you need more than one CMS, and then an easier way to manage.


I will eventually look into this if we expand into a third console..