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HP SIM Upgrade Error

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HP SIM Upgrade Error

I am trying to upgrade SIM from 7.0 to 7.2, but whenever it tries to verify the database, it always comes back with "Unknown database error 129". 


I tried searching online for a explanation as to what that error means, with nothing.  I have checked all the config files are all set exactly the same and when I run "mxgetdbinfo" the connection succeeds and all of the info is correct.  The site works just fine, but the upgrade won't continue past the database portion.


I have verified the following is correct:







Re: HP SIM Upgrade Error

Anyone have any idea on this one?  Still haven't been able to get it resolved.  I have tried standing up a whole new server and pointing the installation to the server, but I still get the error.

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Re: HP SIM Upgrade Error



  1. What DB version are you using?
  2. Is it local or remote?

Also, ensure no conflicting DB instances active such as Windows Internal DB (installed with WSRM on windows 2008 r2). If using full blown SQL, ensure SQL browser service running.

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Re: HP SIM Upgrade Error

1. SQL Server 2008 R2 (10.50.1600)
2. Remote (Clustered)
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Re: HP SIM Upgrade Error

Have you checked the database.props file in your System Insight Manager\Config directory?


It should look something like this at rule 10:




Where hostname is your SQL server and instance is the SQL instancename. In my case the instance was blank. I filled it in and then the upgrade worked fine. Strangly enough i did not need this instance name in previous installations and or upgrades.


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Re: HP SIM Upgrade Error

That is all set correctly.  I also noticed today that my automatic even handling tasks have stopped sending emails.  The task result status says "some failures" and the summary says:


No additional result details for this task instance.


This is happening to all of the tasks that have email notification.  I can send a test email and receive it just fine.  Just the tasks don't want to email and the all have that same summary.


Re: HP SIM Upgrade Error

I found a log it looks to write the debug info to:


(I redacted some of the info in it)


16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> Start DB checks
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> sHost:-SQLHOST
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> sPort:-12005
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> sDatabase:-master
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> sUsername:-svc-hpsim
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> Domain:-DOMAIN
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> Instance:-SQLHOST
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> Exitcode:-0
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> connection string:-jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://SQLHOST:12005/master;domain=DOMAIN;USENTLMv2=true;
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> exitCode outside
16-09-2013 19:26:53<Debug> exitCode Inside IF:-0
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Calling ValidateRights
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Start of validate rights
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Calling ValidateVersion
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> DB Version/SP Checks Start
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Got major SQl version :10
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Got minor SQl version :50
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Got Prodcut version :10.50.1600
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Instance name connected : SQLHOST
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Instance name provided by user : SQLHOST
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> EngineEdition :=3
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Edition :=Enterprise Edition (64-bit)
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> bIS64BitDB Value :=true
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Detect:- Inside If SQL2008 R2 ENT & STD
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Warn:- SQL2008 R2 ENT/STD
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Calling ValidateDatabase
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> end
16-09-2013 19:26:54<Debug> Stopped true


The only thing I see that is worrisome is that it has "master" listed under database instead of "Insight_v50_0_.....".  Where would the installation be getting that from if I have the database set correctly in the config files?


Re: HP SIM Upgrade Error

Ok, well after talking with our DB guy, turns out the service account needs sysadmin rights during upgrade.  Gave the service account the rights and it worked without issue.  Thanks everyone for the input.