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HP SIM VME Credentials Error

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HP SIM VME Credentials Error



I'm attempting to set up my vCenter with HP SIM 7.1 using VMM. Whenever I attempt to regester the vCenter credentials, I get the following error :-


Unique Identifier (UID) not set on the system, ensure that the system has a valid UID set


On investigation of the VC server in HP SIM, it has indeed been discovered without any UID at all. Normally, I would just delete the offending device and re-discover. Unfortunately, the VC is also the HP SIM server, so I can't delete it! A normal re-discovery or identification fails to return the UID. The UID definately exists and is being picked up by the agents, because the SMH shows it, but it is never referred back to HP SIM.


Has anyone seen this before / have a fix?


Cheers in advance





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Re: HP SIM VME Credentials Error

On deeper investigation, the UUID is definately being reported to HP SIM as it is in the server properties page. Examining the DB tables also shows the UUID for the server in several tables. Comparing these tables with a working HP SIM instance doesn't seem to show anything missing.


Yet the UUID doesn't show on the system page for the server and this **bleep** error insists on cropping up every time I try and register the VME credentials.


Has no one seen anything like this before? Anyone at HP? Anyone at all?

Tushar Bajpai
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Re: HP SIM VME Credentials Error

We (HPSIM) dnt recommend HPSIM and VC to be installed on the same node.

For VME to get register, it checks for UUID and OS details of the node.


For CMS node there is no UUID on the system page.

Even if it is provided by the provider or OS.


Please have HPSIM and VC on separate machine.

if it helped, award me Kudos or Points. Thanks :)

\T Bajpai
HP Employee