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HP SIM cost

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HP SIM cost

Is it compulsary to buy HP SIM support pack from HP if I want to install latest HP SIM.

Is HP SIM free if i am using HP hardware but dont have a support pack ?

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Re: HP SIM cost

Customers will be supported for HP Systems Insight Manager if they have one of the following for the applicable server:

  • A valid warranty (90 days Global Limited Warranty)
  • Purchase Insight Control Suites (having 1-year 24x7 Technical Support embedded with the license purchase)
  • If the question is related to HP Insight Remote Support Advance, it will be supported as it pertains to a Hardware Warranty or Hardware Contract.

HP Systems Insight Manager has a dedicated Care Pack, part # UR389E.

Note: If any of the three listed items above is not applicable, a per incident support charge will be applied, subject to availability, within the respective regional HP Response Center.

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Re: HP SIM cost

first of all thanks for the reply

- How if i dont have none of above you mentioned but i still want to use SIM to generate alerts for my self only ?


Thanks again !


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Re: HP SIM cost

Hi Rogger007


You can use HP SIM as you intend at no cost.


All that is required is an HP Passport Login to register HP SIM and you only need to go do purchase a Care Pack if you need support and don't meet any of the other criteria laid out by





Re: HP SIM cost

thank you both of you