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HP SIM does not recieve SNMP V3 traps

Occasional Contributor

HP SIM does not recieve SNMP V3 traps

Hello community,


I have a HP R5000 UPS including Network Module. I want to send SNMP V3 traps to SIM.

The UPS is discovered correctly from SIM.

If I send V1 traps from UPS to SIM everything is ok and the test trap shows up immediatly.


Only V3 traps do not show up. I found in the online help of the network module :

"Enter a user name to include in SNMPV3 notification in the Notification Username field. This field must also be defined in the applications that receive the notifications."


BUT WHERE do I have to put in THIS username in SIM so SIM recieves the V3 traps? In the three SNMP V3 UPS credentials fields "Engine ID" or "Context Engine ID" or "Context Name"?

I can not find anything in whole SIM where to put in the "notification username" from UPS network module so the V3 traps works.


Thanks in advance.