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HP SIM7.2 getting Unknown for Linux Nodes

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HP SIM7.2 getting Unknown for Linux Nodes

Hi All,


Am new to HP SIM. When i try to discover any Linux systems i am getting UnKnown in the System Type. When i run the discovery i get Below major error,


The system cannot be identified properly for HP SIM to manage;
          unable to get one or more of the following: model, serial number or unique identifier (UUID). For management processors, verify the  system is running the latest firmware. For Linux based operating           systems, you must have dmidecode installed, enable the  PermitRootLogin and PasswordAuthentication in sshd, and use root    sign-in credential. For HP-UX, verify the sign-in credential. For  Windows, check if WMIMapper is configured correctly on the CMS and           verify the sign-in credential.



Do I have to use root logins to discover these properly ? I am using a non root user for linux nodes. Also i can do SSH and I do have SNMP access.



How can i fix this issue ?



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Re: HP SIM7.2 getting Unknown for Linux Nodes



I've encountered this problem, try to reinstall your Linux and add the gcc libraries and its pre-requisite rpms before proceeding to install the HP SIM 7.2 on Linux.