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Re: HP System Management Server solution architecture

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HP System Management Server solution architecture

We support many, many clients in our Managed Services Group, and many customers use HP technology.  We use SMH where that is in scope for our services.


We have some questions around the underlying archtitectur for SMH - e.g, it looks like it uses Apache, but what versions? 

What else, especially on the Communications side?  We have some questions around this as our Security Team is noting that we have some possible vulnerabliities with this software.


I'd love to get a hold of some documentation at this level, but can't seem to find it - any suggestions?




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Re: HP System Management Server solution architecture

You should be able to find this information in the SIM admin guide. SIM is technically "free" so all of the documents you get in the DVD package are accessible. You have a lot to consider: the protocols and ports SIM will communicate over (SNMP, ICMP, WBEM, possibly SSH), the database tier (if separate), etc.. It really depends on your environment, how complex, where the systems are, etc.. Too much to answer here.

For example - if you have a system that only has 100 servers it in, and you will communicate only over SNMP and ICMP (for ping/availability status), then you only need to worry about those ports and a local DB is fine. If you are talking about thousands of devices and multiple clients with mixed environments, you're looking at something completely different.