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HP Version control agent: status unknown

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Schenk Franz
Occasional Visitor

HP Version control agent: status unknown

Have a problem that HP System management doesn't run at all. No information is displayed, and the Version control agent has the status "unknown".

The Log of the Version control agent has the following entry:

Entry Details
Severity Error
Task ID VCA1141740728
Date / Time Di 07.03.2006 15:12:09
Message The repository specified, alpha, did not return a result.
Additional Data
Connection: close
Content-Length: 210
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 14:12:09 GMT
Server: CompaqHTTPServer/9.9 HP System Management Homepage/
Set-Cookie: Compaq-HMMD=0003-f51ab3d8-96f0-834b-a0e8-b5ce0c961219-1141740729076604; path=/
Status: 404

Have updated the Agent SW to 7.41, the System Mangement SW to v2.1.4.143, but have the same problem. Have configured security so that no authentication is required as admin user at the server console.

Thank you all in advance for any advice!
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Version control agent: status unknown

Looks like VCA is not able to contact VCRM.
Verify that you can ping to VCRM from a VCA system and also verify that the username and password used to configure VCA has administrator/operator privelege on the VCRM system.
(If you can go to VCA homepage then System Management Homepage is running).

Ferry Steenvoorde
Valued Contributor

Re: HP Version control agent: status unknown

Either there is something with the connection to the Repository, or the Repository is not trusted.

For the connection:
-are you able to PING the Repository server?
-are the Repository server and the Managed System on the same network, or is there some firewall in between? If so, check if ports 80, 443, 280, 2301 and 2381 are open.
-if you wish to use a hostname instead of an IP-address, is DNS name resolution possible for the Repository Server?
-Are you using (in VCA) an account that has local Admin rights on the HPSIM-server?

For the trust relationship (HPSIM, not Windows):
-on the Systems Management Homepage, verify Settings, Security, Trust Mode. Use either "Trust All" or "Trust by Certificate".
Verify the same settings on the Repository server. These settings MUST be the same on both the Managed System and the Repository Server.
I recommend using the Certificate from the HPSIM-server, and "Trust by Certificate" on all Managed Systems, including the HPSIM-server.

Schenk Franz
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Version control agent: status unknown

Thank you all for your feedback!

Unfortunately, the problem isn't solved yet some more (hopefully usefull) information:

- Agents and Manager are on the same host (W2003 SP1 Server)

- The trust mode was configured for "trust all"

- In the "Trusted certificates list" are "no trusted certificates"

- In "security settings" - " local server certificate", I can successfully create certificate request file. But when tring to import the file, I get immediately an error "PKCS #7 Certificate import failed "

- There is a service called "HP insight event notifier" on the system, in a disabled state. When I try to set this service to manually and start it, I get a service specific error 3

- Is it normal that after after every button in the Systems Management Homepage, a screen "loading data - please wait" appears for about 30 seconds?

- URL of the homepage:

- The only thing that works fine from the System management Homepage (also without the 30 seconds delay) is "HP Insight diagnostics"

Thank you all in advance for any futher help
Craig McK
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Version control agent: status unknown

If the trust mode is set to Trust All, you won't need a certificate in the Trusted Certificates list.

I believe the HP Event Notifier only starts when needed - it doesn't need to run all the time?

If the model is showing as Unknown, have you checked that the SNMP configuration on the server is set correctly? At the least you'll need to specify the Read community which the CMS is using, and if it's Windows Server 2003 then you'll need to add in the CMS servername and localhost to the "Accept SNMP packets from these hosts"

Schenk Franz
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Version control agent: status unknown

Thats it - problem solved, thank you very much for your help!

The problem was that in the Windows SNMP Properties, in the Security Tab, there was not one entry under "community names". Added the community name "public" and "read" (with read only permissions), restarted the SNMP and its depended services, and it's working! SNMP was already configured for accepting traps from every host.