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HP XP Disk Array configuration on HP SIM?

Paul Moyne
Occasional Contributor

HP XP Disk Array configuration on HP SIM?


I’m having problems integrating our HP XP Disk Arrays (XP12000’s for the moment) into HP SIM (v5 SP5) using SMI-S.

I currently have Command View 2.2b installed on a Windows 2003 machine along with its SMI-S provider. The “hp StorageWorks SMI-S CIMON” service is running and SSL has been disabled as verified in the “cimom.start” file.

I have confirmed that SMI-S works between SIM and CV by using “WbemDisco.cmd” found in “C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\”. It reports back the XP serial number of the array managed by CV.

HP SIM has successfully discovered the arrays and are listed in the “All Storage Arrays” section.

However, after clicking on an array and viewing System Page, the details in “Ports”, “Storage Volumes”, and “Capacity Information” are missing. Is this normal? I’m assured from a reliable HP source that I should be able to see all the ports on an array, as well as volumes and capacity. Have I misconfigured something somewhere?

Many thanks for your help,
Robert Luessi
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP XP Disk Array configuration on HP SIM?


you have to run a Data Collection for the systems. there should be a link on to of the Tables (Ports, Storage Volumes and Capacity Information) called "Last Update" click on the link and run data collection.

Paul Moyne
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP XP Disk Array configuration on HP SIM?

Thanks for the reply,

I forgot to mention that I've tried to run a data collection from the "Last Update" link but the task fails with the following error under Stdout:

"An unexpected general error occurred during data collection. Data may be incomplete."

Is there a log file that gives any more information because the message isn't particularly helpful? :)


Re: HP XP Disk Array configuration on HP SIM?


I have exactly the same problem and I have tried everything.

Can somebody help us?

Thanks a lot