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Annette Jones_2
Regular Advisor


quick question on a Mib Update, if this is run does it only update MIBS that ar enot installed?

I don't want any mib config that I have amended overwritten!

Also can someone point my in the direction of the MIB update process, I haev misplaced!!

Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM MIB Update

It will update all MIBS in the package. So it will overwrite.

Update process is quite simple.


To Update MIBs on a Windows Platform:
1. Log in to Windows as a user with administrative rights.
2. Create a temp directory, such as c:\mgmtcd.
3. Download and save the zip file, upd830Bmib.zip, to the newly created directory, c:\mgmtcd
4. Open My Computer and navigate to c:\mgmtcd.
5. Using a Win-zip compatible program, unzip the contents of the zip file by double clicking on it
and then extract the contents to c:\mgmtcd.
6. Start a command console by clicking on Start->Run and entering cmd in the dialog box that appears and then click OK.
7. In the Command Console, navigate to c:\mgmtcd ( cd c:\mgmtcd ).
8. In c:\mgmtcd, execute the following command exactly:
cscript updatemibs.js
9. The script will run and display messages on the command console.
10. When the script completes, you may delete the temp directory c:\mgmtcd and all its contents.

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