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HPSIM SQL lock outs

Andy Anderson
Occasional Contributor

HPSIM SQL lock outs

We are having some issues with SQL Locks occurring on both of our centralized SQL Server Databases. The locks are occurring with our Services accounts to manage SIM we see this reported:

The program "jTDS" has been blocked for 6 minutes on database Insight_v50_0_104659343 in the SQL instance MSSQLSERVER. The defined acceptable blocking threshold is 3 minute(s). "jTDS" is running on SPID 170 as login ABC\SRVHPSIMTST and is blocked by SPID 95. The resource id is TAB: 86:167671645 []

Now is the time to shine.
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Re: HPSIM SQL lock outs

We seem to be having the same issue on HP SIM 6.2 Update 1. Thou I cant see any errors being generated in the event viewer (both HP SIM & SQL Server) but the server is very sluggish.

It almost comes to a grinding halt and only is responsive if either the processes are killed in the database and or server rebooted !!!

HP or can any one else advise me ? Is this a known application bug in the v6.2 Update 1 ?
and how to fix this issue ?