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HPSIM best practices for installing

Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

HPSIM best practices for installing

Hi all:

Going to be installing the latest HPSIM on and WIN 2003 Server box. Wanting to know any 'gotchas' and best practices. This WIN box will do nothing except HPSIM monitoring.

Example, I have an internal disk with some 20G available space. I can get a separate SAN disk added (drive D) as well. Is it better to install SIM on the C drive or configure the D drive to accomendate the requirements.

Any other tips? Point me to the location.

Many thanks!
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM best practices for installing

HPSIM uses a database, that can be MSDE or an existing Oracle or SQL (and others I think). You may want to consider where that should be located. If your using an existing Database Server then you'll need some space there.

Installing on a non C: Drive does cause a couple of small glitches, they're typically picked up in the forum. Nothing too severe.

You'd want to install the latest SP4 version of HPSIM.

You should also consider if your using any of the plug-ins as these can also create databases (PMP, VMM VPM etc.)

The Installation Guide is reasonably comprehensive as is the technical guide.