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HPSIM unreachable alert

Occasional Contributor

HPSIM unreachable alert

Hi, I am using HPSIM 5.2, whenever I reboot managed system, not getting unreachable alrt and reachable alert.
instead cold restart alone I am getting. Could you please help me.
Ben Hanson_1

Re: HPSIM unreachable alert

The default status polling time for servers is something like 5 minutes. You can check this by going to "Tasks & Logs" and looking at "Hardware Status Polling for Servers" I have quite a few servers that will reboot in under 5 minutes, so if it's time right, SIM will miss it. You can shorten the polling time, although you will see an increase in network traffic coming from SIM. How big of an increase depends on how many managed systems.
Occasional Visitor

Re: HPSIM unreachable alert

Hi All,


I am using a  HPSIM 6.0 Server in my network and facing an issue in mail alerts.


I have configured atask for Hardware polling at every 1 min, but when i reboot any managed systems i am not able to get the mail alerts for system unreachable.


Please share the solution if somebody has got the resolution on same issue.




santosh dangle


Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM unreachable alert

Is all the rest of SIM well configured?

Is the server in question well discovered qnd recognized via HTTP, SMH and WBEM (can be found in the system page of the server inside SIM)

Is the trust relationship enabled between the server and SIM

Is the server sending SNMP traps from the server towards SIM?

When you send a test trap, is that well received and diplayed inside SIM?


If so, all this should work OK... It is working in my case... I see a reboot of the server and receive an alert and email from it...




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