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HPSIM5/2 Custom Tools stopped working

Annette Jones_2
Regular Advisor

HPSIM5/2 Custom Tools stopped working


I have setup alerting using custom tools which have been working fine until yesterday, when I couldn't access the Homepage had HTTP error, but I could see from the CMS that everything else appeared to be ok.

I complete mxconfigrepo -c, then -f and everything started working again. This morning though there was an alert generated which I expected email etc (via custom command), so I ran this manually and teh stderr says it cannot find teh specified file, which is pants when the file in question is definately there and has not changed.

Can anyone shed any light on why these custom commands no longer work, by the way these have been configured for an age and the server rebooted on various occasions, so I know that its only since yesterday's problem that these alerts have stopped working.