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HPSim Custom Event Handeling

Paul Jesse
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HPSim Custom Event Handeling

I am configuring event hanlding in hpsim 5.1 to send and e-mail when a drive fails or power supply fails. HP Sim generates the following events id when a power supply fails (Power Supply failed (6050)) and Physical Drive Status Changed (3046) When go to configure the e-mail with the event handling options there are no events with these paticular id's. Therefor no email is sent during a drive or power supply failure.

Does anyone know why these event id's are not listed? I have searched through most of the categories but cannot find them.
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Re: HPSim Custom Event Handeling

Hey Paul,

Just a couple suggestions, your list may have sorted different than mine, but I see the those events under the following categories:

Proliant System and Environmental Events
- Power Supply failed (6050)

Proliant Storage Events
- Physical Drive Status Changed (3046)

Yours may have sorted different, make sure you expand the event list at the bottom of the category if you don't find it. There should be a hyperlink like: "next 20 of 150 >>"
Another thing (I know sounds obvious), make sure you are looking at the event type and not event category criteria in the dropdown when you are defining your event handler.

Good luck man,