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How do I test alerts in SIM ?

Occasional Advisor

How do I test alerts in SIM ?

I have set up SIM and its collecting data from the servers that I need monitored.

We have a first level support staff that will be monitoring the hardware alerts.

How do i test an alert in SIM?
I want to make sure that the trap is being sent to the appliance that the first level company is using.

We can ping and telnet to the appliance from the SIM server and I am pretty sure all the necessary ports are open.

Is there a page on the SIM server that I can test from?

Hope I am making sense.

thanks for any help
Dana Swanson
Regular Advisor

Re: How do I test alerts in SIM ?


If you have a test server with a raid array you could pull one of the drives out and create a real alert.

Occasional Advisor

Re: How do I test alerts in SIM ?


I guess my question was misunderstood.
On HP Proliant servers if you go to the "Systems Management" homepage of the server there is a "test SNMP Trap" button you can use to simulate a test trap.

is there something equivalent in SIM?
Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: How do I test alerts in SIM ?

You have one such option in the Configure or Repair agents task. You can use that to test if SIM is able to receive the traps/indications from the managed node.
H.Y. Yiu
Frequent Advisor

Re: How do I test alerts in SIM ?

well, if you define an event task to forward SNMP Trap on a received Test trap event, you can send a test trap from a server to your sim server and your Sim server should forward that test trap to your receiving application.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: How do I test alerts in SIM ?

If the remote server is Windows and has the HP Agents installed then there should be an HP Management GUI available from Control Panel.
That has a Trap Send button.
Use that to generate a trap, it generates a Major Event.
You'll need an Event handler to catch all Major Events and alert in the manner you see fit.

This tests that SNMP on the server is sending traps, HPSIM is receiving them and your event handling is doing what you expect.
This way you don't need to pull disks etc.