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How does SIM connects iLO to server?

Ulf Zimmermann
Frequent Advisor

How does SIM connects iLO to server?

I have two sets of 4 servers. One set are DL380g4, the other DL380g3. Out of business reasons these systems were swapped (G3 were production, G4 were development, now G4 are production, G3 are development).

Inside of HP SIM I deleted all 8 servers and 8 iLOs. Then I readded the 4 DL380g4 with their iLOs and SIM does connect the server correctly with the iLO.

But for the DL380g3, the iLOs show still up to be in the old name and so the servers itself show to have no iLO.

I checked anything I could find and as far I can tell iLO itself on those 4 DL380g3 say they are in the correct machines.