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How to Discover new systems complete ?


How to Discover new systems complete ?


Manual Discover - Name
Then - All Systems - there is the new Server.
Name f.e. XYZXYZ
But there is no more description like
System Type / Product Name / OS Name
and its an ProLiant System -
I can logon to the Management Homepage from server XYZXYZ over the HPSIM.

First Time there was a Certificate Trust Question.
Version Control Rep looks fine on XYZXYZ.

But how can i collect the remainig data, so that i can see OS / Type / ES etc ?

I dont know how...
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: How to Discover new systems complete ?

snmp needs to be configured correctly on the server to be discovered.
It needs the HPSIM server as an allowed host using the community name configured into HPSIM.
While you're on the server also configure the trap destination to send traps to the HPSIM server.