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How to automate SIM System ID agent status

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How to automate SIM System ID agent status

Dennis had a customer question:




My customer, running 6.3 SIM, wants to automate the notification of the System Identification process when reporting the viability of the agent status.  I understand that in some situations Identification reports no major or critical issue when the agents are  not configured nor responding and as such, only the GUI shows the potential agent issues.


Would there be a scripting option that could address this gap in agent health reporting?  Is Insight Control going to add anything that’d allow automatically noting issues with agents?

Is this an issue anyone else has encountered?




From David:




By design, HP SIM has no memory when it runs Daily Device Identification each day. That's because the IP address may be used by a completely different device or a reconfigured device since the last time.




Other input to this question from Dennis?