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How to modify version control repository location

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Kevin Callaghan_2
Occasional Contributor

How to modify version control repository location

I've built a new Insight server and have moved the existing DB over. So far I've had no issues. I realized though that my client machines are still looking for my old software repository.

I know I can manually modify the server name by going in to each servers VCRM and making the change. There has got to be a better way to do this!?

Is there a config file, a registry setting, something that I can change that will change the location from old to new?

Ferry Steenvoorde
Valued Contributor

Re: How to modify version control repository location

HPSIM can do this for you.

First, configure one Managed System with the correct VCRM-settings in the local Version Control Manager.

Then, open the HPSIM console:
-Replocate Agent Settings
-Select target machine(s)
-Choose Source System (the Managed System that you've just configured correctly)
-HP Version Control Agent
-Version Control Agent Configuration Settings
-Version Control Agent
-VCRM Machine Name (value is ******)
-Login Account Name for the VCRM
-Login Password for the VCRM
-...whatever else you like...
-Schedule/Run Now

As changing the local VCA-settings do not require a server reboot or other events that users may notice, you can do these actions during production time.