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How to remove a repository?

Occasional Contributor

How to remove a repository?

I'm new to SIM, and I'm really frustrated with it so far.  There seems to be no quick-reference documentation on the basic things an admin wants to do with it right off after installing it.


In any case, I'm slugging through it blindly, trying to figure out how to create a repository, and somehow an arbitrary server (NOT the SIM server) got made into a repository.  I don't want that, and it shouldn't be possible for that to happen by accident.  I don't remember EVER telling this software to make the other server into a repository.  I'm pretty frustrated about that.


How do I remove this repository and then make the actual SIM server into a repository?



Sheree L. Grier

Honored Contributor

Re: How to remove a repository?


You need to uninstall the 'HP Version Control Repository Manger' from the server you do not want it on. It's listed in the Add/Remove programs applet. Make sure it's installed on the SIM server. You can download it if necessary from the HP website. Once installed, a link to it will appear on the System Management Homepage. From there you can configure it. You can select the directory on the SIM server to store the repository and also select what the repository will hold and how often it will be updated.

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