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IE7 and Server Certificate for


IE7 and Server Certificate for

Hello Gurus,

A stupid question: how can I avoid this annoying certificate error when I start an HP management page with IE7, as it starts with the address instead of the server name?

I suppose there is way to create a specific certicate for the address But I don't know how...

Thanks for help

Honored Contributor

Re: IE7 and Server Certificate for

No direct solution...but, just use a URL with the actual server name (FQDN) instead of the shortcut HP provides.

For example:

Make this a favorite in IE 7 and import the certificate as a Trusted Root to first time you get the error with this URL.

If you are not sure what your FQDN is for your cert, examime the cert when you get the error. It will tell you the name it is looking for in the URL. Generally it is the NETBIOS name of your server unless you changed in withing SIM (like I did to give a friendly name).