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IP Address Missing After Discovery

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IP Address Missing After Discovery


I'm using SIM 7.6 with Gen8 and Gen9 machines running ESXi version 5.5.  I'm using the iLO IPs to discover the hosts, using Agentless Monitoring.  The host also have the management bundle loaded to help AMS see host information.

I'm seeing a lot of host information after discovery (OS version, host name, etc), however the host's IP address is missing.  Since this is a not a field you can directly edit, I can't add it later.  As a result, I can't get the proper HW status to poll using the hosts and my events that are tied to hosts do not work since traps will not populate the events table for the host (only iLO).

This seems to be sporadic - it's not servers and those with identical iLO FW levels and host OS versions behave differently.  Sometimes I just need to remove/re-discover the machines.  Another strange this is the machines seem to discover properly in IRS.

Has anyone seen this?  We're not in a position to switch to OneView yet for a few reasons.