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Insight training / walkthroughs / anything?

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Insight training / walkthroughs / anything?

I've had some insight issues that I have posted about, some have been answered, some not.


I have decided to put in place a new server to run insight, and have been looking for training materials, documentation, etc that make it clear and obvious how to set the CMS up, as well as the machines that it will be monitoring.


It will be monitoring Windows servers (2003, 2008, 2008r2), as well as (hopefully) ESXI hosts. The majority are HP.


I have compared systems that have scanned properly by our original CMS to ones that didn't, and on some, the settings were identical, yet no results could be had. I have been unable to determine why.


Is there ay support matrix out there, any guide that is clear on what needs to be done, or any person willing to do some one-on-one with remote if it comes down to it to assist us in getting this working?





Re: Insight training / walkthroughs / anything?

I have never seen any free training materials, but there is paid training.


Just a thought on your current issue. I have seen issues like yours. I found that the old SIM server had discovered a server at a point in time when settings allowed it too. Since then, security had changed, but the old SIM server still had a trust relationship with the monitored server. If you compleatly remove the monitored server from the old SIM server, are you still able to discover it?