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Installing Systems Management Homepage

Oliver Boult
Occasional Contributor

Installing Systems Management Homepage


I am trying to push out the Initial Support Pack install from the SIM 5.0 CMS to both W2K and W2K3 servers. The Support Pack contains the latest updates for all components (7.40B plus latest drivers and Homepage).

The account that I am using to do the install is a direct member of the Local Admins on the target server.

All the components install without any errors but the Systems Management Homepage installs and then for some reason uninstalls itself immediately afterwards. There are no errors in the event logs and the only information in the setup log does not indicate what the problem is (see attached).

If you have any ideas or have seen this before please let me know as I have already rebuilt the CMS and do not know where to go from here.

Many thanks
Trusted Contributor

Re: Installing Systems Management Homepage

What happens if you manually install SMH on those servers. I guess there might be some conflict with the other software on the server.
You might try installing SMH on a fresh system and install all those softwares which your servers are running one by one and see if SMH gets uninstalled during or after the installation of those softwares.

Good luck.