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Issue installing HP SIM after uninstalling

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Issue installing HP SIM after uninstalling

I am new to the server admin community.  I recently uninstalled HP SIM version 6 and SQL Server 2005 on a virtual server running Windows Server 2012 Datacenter 64-bit VMX-10 .  I thought I unistalled and deleted SQL server completely, but when I try to re-install HP SIM 7.3, I am still receiving references to the prior HP SIM database and I am getting this error message:


"Unable to to connect to the specified host.  Please check the HOST, Databse and Port values and be sure the target database is running.  Also be sure that the target database installation has the latest pack installed."  I am a domain admin on this server, so I don't think permissions would be an issue.


Also,  all prior SQL services and registry entries have been removed.  I have attached a screenshot if it is helpful.


Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance.

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Re: Issue installing HP SIM after uninstalling



You can check ports typing netstat -anb |more to check on wich port the SQL is running. Do you use the Express option for SQL installation or a full SQL not installed by the SIM setup?


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