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Issues adding an ESX server to SIM


Issues adding an ESX server to SIM


We're attempting to add our first VMWare ESX server (3.0.1)to Insight Manager.

We look to have installed the VM management (8.1.0) pack without issue. We've modified the SNMPD.conf file with our community RW/RC information, and SNMP is running. Verification with snmpwalk has returned MIB information related to the server.

From the SIM server itself, it discovers the server by IP/DNS name, however, we look to be having issues with it reporting in correctly.
It is currently showing as Unknown.

There is no physical firewall in place between the SIM server and the ESX server, but there looks to be something hindering communication.

I can launch the Systems Management Homepage, however no data is returned.

When I look at the Product Description/Management Protocols for the server after discovery, it shows HTTP:, SMH:2.0, SSH:SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_3.6.1p2 but NO SNMP...I'm guessing this is the issue as other servers reporting correctly show SNMP 1.0 in the Management Protocol field.

Any ideas as to where to troubleshoot from here?

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Issues adding an ESX server to SIM

SNMP is the most likely issue.
Also take care with descriptions. I think you've installed the HP Agents. There's also an additional virtual machine management pack - VMM that can also be installed.

I recommend editing up the hpmgmt.conf.example file and using that as input to a silent install. It's documented in the README.
Also search this forum and you'll also find full examples of what your snmpd.conf file should look like.

Finally the HP Agents should open the ESX firewall holes, check by running esxcfg-firewall --query

Re: Issues adding an ESX server to SIM


This is what was installed on the ESX server, which would be the VMM -- or is this the Agents?

Thanks again!
Frequent Advisor

Re: Issues adding an ESX server to SIM

Hi ,

run /etc/init.d/hpasm reconfigure
Go with the default settings prompted and
choose not to use existing snmpd.conf and enter the correct info manually.

Newton S
Frequent Advisor

Re: Issues adding an ESX server to SIM

The RW/RC community added on ESX Server should also be existing on SIM "Global protocol settings"