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Move Server to a Collection

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Move Server to a Collection

Very new to SIM with a very simple question.... and I did read the installation guides. How do I move a discovered server to a specific collection ??

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Re: Move Server to a Collection

By default there are some collections such as "All Server" etc, for private collection you can select the servers and use "save as" option to save the collection as desired.

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Re: Move Server to a Collection

i have a single server that i want to move into the exisitng shared collection called 'all servers' how do i do that ?

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Re: Move Server to a Collection

for anyone that cares....   in the properties of a collection you may have criteria set for the collection like system type; system sub type etc..... if the single server you want to add to a collection is not listed make sure to check the properties of the system, it will have to match the criteria of the collection.

now i am having issues with wbem communication with an eva4000 and deleting an empty collection.


for what its worth my initial review of this software is awful. something so simple is made to be way more complicated than needed $$$$    if you know what i mean.

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Re: Move Server to a Collection



You can create dynamic collections (on almost everything that is inside the database) or you can create a static collections with items that you select...


I assume in your case that you should go for a static collection...





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