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Need help with Version Control Setup

Dominic Brunetti
Occasional Contributor

Need help with Version Control Setup


We have a HP SIM server set up and working great. Now I've been tasked with getting Version Control going. I have installed VC to the SIM server (we want them to both live on the same server).

I go the VC Repository Mgr. webpage and start a manual update from I get this in the log:

Automatic update downloaded 0 files. No Version Control Agents have provided operating system information to use as a download selection criteria.

So I go to one of the "client" servers and configure the VC Agent to point to the server with the VCRM on it. I get this:

No inventory information is available to obtain a list of Support Packs from. A valid Version Control Repository Manager that contains one or more Support Packs must be configured before a Reference Support Pack may be selected. If you have just selected a repository, please wait a few minutes and then refresh this page.

What am I doing wrong? I know my user/passes are all correct.

Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Need help with Version Control Setup


"Automatic update downloaded 0 files."
So do you have any support packs in the VCRM?

If your Automatic updates are not updating VCRM then another easy option would be to update VCRM using a SmartStart CD or PSP.
You can download them from HP's site.

Trusted Contributor

Re: Need help with Version Control Setup


Now that you have configured VCA to point to VCRM, you can try manual update one more time. I believe VCRM should be able to download the the support packs for the requesting VCA operating system. Also make sure that proxy settings (if any) are configured properly.

Maurice Skubski_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Need help with Version Control Setup

I have the same problem. Any Idea?