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Nodes appear in database but not in SIM

Dustin Estes
Occasional Visitor

Nodes appear in database but not in SIM


HP SIM v5.3
SQL Database
All Windows Env

I have been working on getting our SIM system up and running. I currently configured all our servers and iLOs into HP SIM. For some reason 5 servers will not display in HP SIM.

The 5 servers in mind are all Cisco WAAS application servers running Win 2008 Core with SNMP properly configured(triple checked).

We have a total of about 30 Wide Area Application Servers from Cisco in our environment with the same config as above. For some reason only 5 will not show.

I read a similar thread that said to run "mxnode -lt > node.txt" to see if they appear in the database. They do indeed appear in the generated text file. HP SIM shows 254 total system devices yet this text file (imported into excel for better audit) shows 259 entries.

How do I "repair" this database so that all the items in database are shown correctly in HP SIMs interface?