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Oracle Database Size - HP SIM on Linux

Chris Hasler

Oracle Database Size - HP SIM on Linux

Is there are recommended amount of disk space to allocated for a new Oracle HP SIM database?

I have installed HP SIM on a Linux VM configured to use an Oracle database hosted on another phyiscal Linux server. All went well with the installation with no issues.

The only disk space requirement information I found for HP SIM was in the Installation guide. I've read posts on the forum and spoken to two Windows Admins with HP SIM regarding the size of their databases. From my research I determined with proper Event handling that the SIM database can be maintained at approx. 400 to 600MB in size.

With this in mind, working with a DBA we created a 1GB disk to host the Oracle DB. Once again the installation went great with no errors and sucessful completion. But all of the 1GB disk space allocated was consumed and now the DBA is telling me that Oracle is complaining about write errors.

Can someone from HP please post how much disk space a fresh, new HP SIM Oracle database should take?

Also is there any pre-populated data that can be deleted like the Rules in the Managed System Types which are used to identify third party SNMP managed systems?

Chris H.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Database Size - HP SIM on Linux --> Information Library --> "Configuration information for sizing your SIM server" --> Build your own solution

After you complete the questions, choose 'Configuration Details' to view information about database size.
Chris Hasler

Re: Oracle Database Size - HP SIM on Linux

Thanks for the link to the HP SIM Sizer utility. I downloaded and installed it and then went through a Build Solution senario.
After answering all the questions it responding that the database server should have 4GB or storage space but this number seemed to be rather arbitrary and not backed up by the options I selected.

Below is the information which the sizer gave for a same config of 500 managed nodes:

Base DB Size 40MB
Database Size after discovery of 2000 nodes (excluding events) 3052.5 MB
Status polling packet size 512 Bytes
Event Size 3.8 KB per event used in database
Additional database size per device for historical data 200 kb per Task Execution
Database size for each SAN storage device 1.5MB
Example: Configuration Sizing: Managed Nodes = 500

Discovery and data collection for every 500 devices requires the database size approximately 250MB.

Each historical data collection task will add another 100MB of data to the database in this example.

Assuming 10 events per managed node per day, the database size used by 5000 events is approximately 19MB.

If historical data collection is not run,then the total database size used after one month will be approximately 806 MB.
I would like to know why if the base DB size is 40MB why when I installed and connected to my Oracle DB all 1GB of space was consumed.