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PostgreSQL: Database access

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PostgreSQL: Database access

I have installed HPSIM version 5 on HP-UX using the PostgreSQL database (default installation) I would like to pull info from the PostgreSQL database into another product we have which gathers info from many sources.

What is the default password for hpsmdb id?
Is anyone else doing this?

Lars Nilsson_1
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Re: PostgreSQL: Database access

I'm not at all familiar with HP-UX but we are running our HPSIM CMS on a SUSE Linux server with the PostgreSQL db. We are pulling information from the pgsqldb through a ODBC connection to HPOV Service Desk.

The HPSIM dbuser is "mxadmin" and has no default password. To find it out I run:
/opt/mx/bin/mxpassword -l
The HPSIM database is named "insight_v1_0".

(Of course it is preferable to create a new dbuser with limited rights).

Then you have to edit two configuration files to allow external access to the db:
/var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf and

This is how it works on SUSE Linux and as I said, I don't know anything about HP-UX...

I hope you can find something of this useful. Also look in the HPSIM documentation and visit