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Problem with Repository

Mariusz Pianka
Occasional Contributor

Problem with Repository

Hello to you and welcome.
I have few problems with setting up a Insight Management.
I installed it, I registered it, I can access it.

I ran discovery of my network and discovered all my servers.
Next of all I created a collection called Servers with all servers pasted on the bottom of this post.
I assigned licenses to 5 computers.
I went to DEPLOY and installed ssh and smp..

I can't install ProLiant Support Pack though.. it tells me at the next step that repository is empty..

I opened https://hostname:2381/cgi-bin/vcrepository/cgi but managed processor = 0 other agents 0
Custom Software Baselines 0
HP ProLiant and HP Integrity Support Packs 0
components 0

I see that I can upload a pack but I don't know what must be upload.

ProLiant ML350
Netfinity 7100
ProLiant ML350 G2
ProLiant DL380 G2
ProLiant ML570 G2
ProLiant DL380 G2
ProLiant DL380 G2
PowerEdge 2950
ProLiant DL380 G2
ProLiant DL380 G3
ProLiant DL380 G4
PowerEdge 1950
ProLiant ML570
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with Repository

There are a couple of ways.
First the VCRM itself needs to be configured to point to a directory - e.g. d:\vcrm

I create directories below that, e.g. 7.80 and then manually pull down and expand the PSPs into this structure.
I've also got a non-psp directory for firmware etc.

You can also configure HPSIM to do this for you and it will pull down all that it requires.

Note also PSPs can be configured for the various agents, this helps as the deploy agent then is already configured. You can do this either via the VCRM or by running the setup.exe supplied as part of the PSP.
Mariusz Pianka
Occasional Contributor

Re: Problem with Repository

I put Smartdisc and uploaded repository.
I specified c:\repository for the location to upload data.

When I open https://hostname/2381 I have a Window with all Features, I have repository set up (I believe).
I have list of all components which I uploaded.

I went to "configure a component" and enabled SNMP and Software control agent.

Repository status :
Custom Software Baselines 0
HP ProLiant and HP Integrity Support Packs 3
Components 86

However, When I go to "Initial ProLiant Support Pack Install" to a collection of servers I'm still getting an error "There are no Support Packs in this repository"

Any ideas ?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Problem with Repository

In "Select the repository" Page, Click on "Last Updated" link just above the list, to get the latest details from VCRM.