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Problems with Automatic Event Handler

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Problems with Automatic Event Handler

I have configured a new Event to monitor traps in Insight manager's Automatic Event Handler.

When testing this - (sending trap from another server on the network). The trap shows in the events schedule/list but with a status of PENDING - this status does not change and the following error is returned - sending failed class could not connect to SMTP host, sscmail.somersetcare.local, port 25

All settings are correct for the event entry - (ie server name etc has been verified 100%)

Has anybody else experienced this? - Any help is much appreciated.


Mark Berry
frank vandebergh
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Re: Problems with Automatic Event Handler

Can you try the following:

open a command prompt (start > run > cmd.exe )
Type the following line:

telnet sscmail.somersetcare.local 25

If you receive a few lines as an answer from the mailserver, your mail settings are correct, if you receive an error message or a timeout, these settings are incorrect or there's a firewall blocking outgoing mail on that server. McAfee Corporate antivirus has also a default setting of blocking port 25.