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Problems with low power mode and more generall HP SIM Issues

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Problems with low power mode and more generall HP SIM Issues

Hi there,

I've been set to get our company's HP_SIM installation up-to-date. Considering that this installation never has been maintained and , I must admit, I find HP SIM a bit less accessable than for example the Openview portfolio, I find myself a bit challenged.

One of the problems I'm experiencing is the following error messages during the execution of the tool "replicate agent settings" (inspite of having marked the option in step 3 which says "try to wake up server from low power mode" ):

- "Could not bring system out of low power mode - the system did not respond to the wakeup request".

How interpret this and go about to solve it?

Otherwise I would be very grateful for some advice on how my workorder should look like in order to get HP SIM up and running for our company. Right now I have several theories to the troubles I'm experiencing, but I'm not quite sure on what end it would be beneficial to begin at :

- Firewall. What we want is just basic functionality with SNMP Traps( we have already opened for 161 and 162) and disk thresholds, plus VCRM( I'm aware of that need to open for SSL2 on port 22 in order to distribute software). Is there anything more we need to open for this functionallity
- Getting all the different agent versions up to the latest version. (This will be a big task considering our large numeber of servers).
A very import issue here is if there is any way to do the installation, for example leave some components out, so that you can be sure that you don't have to reboot?

Any advice would be appreaciated.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with low power mode and more generall HP SIM Issues

A couple of quick points.
The PSP's are delivered as a bundle as they're tested together.
Attempting to just install selected components to avoid a reboot will probably cause more problems than having a scheduled outage.

Typically you'll also need the http/https 2301/2381 ports open in the firewall. I think this is required for the VCA to talk back to HPSIM's VCRM.

Don't know about the lower power issue. You may want to include server type / os here and possibly open a separate thread with just that item and a clear title.

You can deploy agents via HPSIM and this can be scheduled. So, you could deploy in groups. Start small (say 10) and maybe work up.
remember to configure the agents first with details like Trust, certifiacte etc. this way all the settings are propagetd from the start.