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Repairing Client Agents

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Repairing Client Agents

Hi there.. I've recently upgraded to HPSIM v5.0 and I'm having difficulty using the repair and replicate agent tool.. We recently changed the local admin passwords on our systems and i'd like to replicate this out for the VCA so i dont have to log into each machine and do this manually.. I am a domain admin of all the machines and have Admin access to each and everyone.. When i try to lauch the tool it gives me this message "You do not have authorizations for this tool/and or one or more of the target systems."

Our domain accounts are admins within insight manager - and im wondering why this would work perfectly fine in HPSIMv4 and then decide not to work in v5 - it gives me no other errors - it doesnt even give me the specific machines that i dont have access too - and there are 180 i need to update...

If anybody has any insight to what is causing this problem i'd appreciate the help..