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Report of UUID

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Report of UUID


How can we create a report with a list of servers, where no or broken UUID is listed? We seem to have problems with the UUID, and want to clarify which servers are involved.


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Re: Report of UUID

From what I can tell, the UUID is a combination of the first part of the product ID and the serial number. For example a DL380 G6 may have a product ID of "491332-001". So it will take the 491332 from that number and append the serial number of the server to the end of it giving you the UUID.

That being said, I could not find a table that holds that value, so I am guessing it might be calculated real time from the two existing sets of the data. But I am still searching - I will let you know if I find anything.

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Re: Report of UUID

The only time the UUID will not follow what Nelson stated is if you have replaced the system board.