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Repository management

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Repository management



I have a lot of    "stuff "    listed  whem   I   display the Catalog

I have down loaded the latest  SPP  (2102.10)  and dumped the ISO file into the repository folder


so  I wanted to get rid of all the earlier stuff......would that be correct to do since this 2012.10 version  is stated to be the  current Master for everything?


So when  I  select an earlier SPP to be  deleted .There is a note that says


"this just deletes the files from the system. If you want it deleted from the catalog  you should  Move them to a different directory"


I took a peek in the repository directory, and in the world do  you "move" it.....There are like a million files.......




I get a GATEWAY TIME OUT MESSAGE  when I attempt to do this  so it always appears this effort to do  repository maintenance never works for me


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Re: Repository management



you can use the archive option through the "archive" tab.

There you can archive a specific list of items or you can configure which versions should be hold in the repository.