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Root required to Manage Linux Systems ?

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larry cole_2
Occasional Advisor

Root required to Manage Linux Systems ?

I'm trying to install SIM in a Linux environment (Linux CMS to manage Linux targets). In this customer enviromnent, knowledge of the actual root password is very restricted - all users have Kerberos accounts and those authorized do "sudo su -" when root privs are needed.

How do I configure SIM to operate in this environment ?

I created a local user "hpsimtest" on a target box and can successfully login using ssh from the CMS box with this account, but when I try mxagentconfig with this "hpsimtest" account I get error: SSH_BAD_API_USAGE you must supply valid username!

Many thanks !
Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: Root required to Manage Linux Systems ?

Which version of SIM are you using? The latest version of SIM has Privilege Elevation capabilities that you can use.
larry cole_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: Root required to Manage Linux Systems ?

I'm running 5.3 - that capability looks like just what I need !

Thank you !


Re: Root required to Manage Linux Systems ?

Hello there -
I'm having the same issue. SIM CMS 5.3 with RHEL4 managed systems. Been on the client side and the userids (tried three of them, including root user) are correct and passwds are fine - but I get the same error and am not able to discover/identify from CMS without error. Discovery/ident works fine up until "Running SSH Identification" and then just does not return. The Discovery/ident process never completes and the system does not get added to the inventory on the CMS.

On the RHEL side, I can see from the log file that the userid/passwd combination gets accepted and authentication passes.

The process just never completes.

Anyone have any insight?


Re: Root required to Manage Linux Systems ?

Hi Larry

Can you please the sshd config files sshd_config and ssh_config

it can be found in /etc/ssh