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SBS 2008 and Version Control...

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SBS 2008 and Version Control...


WSUS is 'part' of SBS 2008 and it gets MSFT updates on a schedule.

Is there a way to setup the VC Agent to use some HP server on the Internet (rather than a SIM instance) to do the same type of thing w/ HP drivers, ROM, PSP, etc?


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Re: SBS 2008 and Version Control...

WSUS - download update from Internet
Windows Update - deploy update from WSUS to targets.

Same can be done with VCA, but you need VCRM

VCRM - Download update from Internet.
VCA - Deploy updates from VCRM to target.

HPSIM is optional for VCA & VCRM, but gives a greater control managing multiple servers.

Hope I answered your question.
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Re: SBS 2008 and Version Control...

Thanks for the reply! I understand I can setup VCRM but I wondered if there was a way to just point the VCA to an Internet site or dir location on my server to get the updates without having to intall VCRM.

After more research, it looks like there is a 'stand alone' update manager for HP software/firmware that is part of the Proliant Support Pack (PSP) download called HP Software Update Manager. This tool can be pointed to FTP.HP.COM and will do just what I want w/out the overhead of installing VCRM on the local SBS server.

I think this will do what I am looking to do.

Thanks again.