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SIM 5.2 and Version Control

Cheryl Strom_1
Occasional Visitor

SIM 5.2 and Version Control

SIM server, VC pointing to repository
WIndows 2003 nodes
What is the best way to push out a PSP for ALL nodes.

Do I use setup.exe that comes with PSP (Update Manager) OR do I push out through SMH on SIM server?

I have about 50 nodes to push to

What is the best and risk free way to do this?
Gordon Leonard
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM 5.2 and Version Control

If you get paid by the hour I would go with "Update Manager".

SIM 5.2 uses "Update Manager" [System Update Manager - aka SUM) to push the PSP.

So it's the same except one alloys you to select and schedule and the other allows you the ability to get some overtime.