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SIM HTTP Status 500 after installing Java

Chris O'Shea
Occasional Visitor

SIM HTTP Status 500 after installing Java

Hello all,

Had System Insight Manager running fine and went to start a Remote Connection with a SIM Agent using the manager. It then told me that I did not have java installed and gave me a link to the download page at

After downloading and installing java, I now get an error on the main page after logging in (error HTTP Status 500) the page is

the error had the description
"The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request."

and had a 'java.servlet.servletException' Exception.

Also the menu is no longer expandable through 'All Systems' and 'All Events'.

The java that SIM sent me to install was SE 1.4.2, I then uninstalled this and still had the error...I then tried installing java V.5 Update 7, but this also had no affect.

I am quite confused by this as the java that the Manager recommended to me seemed to have caused this problem.

Extra info:

OS: Server 2003 SE SP1
SIM: Version 5 with SP5

Any advice in this matter is appreciated.



NB. Have attached a txt document featuring the full java exception

Chris O'Shea
Occasional Visitor

Re: SIM HTTP Status 500 after installing Java

Also please find attached to this reply the errors i get when running mxconfigrepo -c.