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SIM Managed system setup wizard


SIM Managed system setup wizard

I installed HP SIM 6.2 and was trying to follow the install guide chapter 2 Using Insight managed system setup wizard. When I click Configure menu option there is no item for managed system set up wizard. Anyone know what I need to do to make it appear ?
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Re: SIM Managed system setup wizard


I have the same problem as described in this thread.


The only difference is that Im using HP SIM 6.3.


Does anyone know why the MSSW wizard is not appearing where it should?



jim goodman
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Re: SIM Managed system setup wizard

Are you looking at HP Insight Control Install/User Guides?


You describe HPSIM not HPIC - if that is the case then MSSW isn't installed from SIM installer but from the Insight Software DVD 1 which gives you the options to install the extended features of SIM aka Insight Control.