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SIM and VMWare


SIM and VMWare


When I add a virtual (vmware) managed server to SIM/CIM, we are dealing with virtual HWs, Do I still load psp/agents on the vitual server? Can someone expline how that works since evrything (HW) is/are virtula? if I don't care about P2V or V2P, do I still have to install VMM plug-in?

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Re: SIM and VMWare

Hi Fred,

This has been answered in another post at

I would suggest install VMM and see what all it can go for you. You have 5 free licenses for 60 days to play with. Dont forget to try out SMP free licenses too.

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Re: SIM and VMWare

Thanks for your inputs. So, if there is no need for any agent to be loaded on the virtual guest, then how SIM mointor the health of the virtual box, without having the VMM plug-ins?

Yes, the server is Proliant, do I still need to install ESX againt, if I don't want to install VMM?

I thought that the first 5 lic. for the plug-ins has no charges and no time line limitation. am I wrong? any thing after that I need to get lic. for it.


David Claypool
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Re: SIM and VMWare

HP SIM has 5 limited VMM evaluation licenses, set to expire after 60 days. No free unlimited licenses are provided for VMM, unlike the 5 free unlimited for VPM and 6 free (5 servers plus the CMS is automatically licensed) licenses for PMP.

When it comes to virtual machines, there is nothing to 'break.' The VM is either up or down. Ping polling is adequate for that. We use WMI to gather some limited configuration information, such as drive size and used, amount of memory and number of processors. Most all of the other information is synthetic and should be ignored. Detailed instructions for configuring HP SIM to work with VMware virtual machines and to manage the actual physical host is available from the ActiveAnswers VMware pages: --> Infrastructure Solutions --> VMware

VMM adds a number of features that enhance the ability of HP SIM to manage virtual machines:

- association of virtual to physical
- performance info for VMs and their physical host
- access to administrative functions such as starting/stopping/pausing/resetting the virtual machines
- copying and moving virtual machines (not while live) without the need for VMotion
- interfacing to Virtual Center for triggering VC actions
- and many more

Information is at --> VMM