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SIM and version control (firewall rules)

S Pfeif
Occasional Contributor

SIM and version control (firewall rules)


Simple question for VCR/VCA people. I have hosts that I can see in insight manager, however I cannot use Version control agent (timeout setting checking the repository during setup) I have 2381 and 2380 open bidirectional , but Version control agent cannot communicate with the VCR what other ports should I be looking at ??

Rijn de Jonge
Occasional Advisor

Re: SIM and version control (firewall rules)

From client to manager open 2301,2381 and UDP162
From manager to client open 2301, 2381 and UDP161 and ICMP

System discovery: ICMP and UDP 161 (snmp read)
Check status VC: 2381 (https)
System identification from CMS to client: 2381
Hardware status polling: ICMP and UDP 161
Version status poll: ICMP and UDP 161
Ttraps form client to CMS: UDP 162
For links in CMS GUI is needed 2301, which links to 2381, both should be open.

There is more to find in "Managing HP servers through firewalls with HP systems Insight Manager" white paper.


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Re: SIM and version control (firewall rules)

The above post seems fairly thourough, but here is the doc and it also says WBEM uses port 5989 for SSL connections for communication from the CMS to the managed system.