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SIM monitoring through SNMP interrogation

Simon Ashford
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SIM monitoring through SNMP interrogation

Im using NetIQ AppManager running the UNIX agent and need to monitor the hardware on HP blades BL20p G3, all running SuSe 9.0 Enterprise. The blades are all running the SIM agent.

Not sure what the best approach to this solution is but heres my idea. NetIQ provide a CIM module for Windows agents which uses SNMP to interrogate CIM. This is achieved by querying an OID for a hardware component such as a fan. The values returned are along the lines of:

1 = OK
2 = No Fan Installed
3 = Fan Degraded

If the value returned is 3 in this case an event is raised within AppManager. Im thinking the same SNMP approach on a UNIX server will do the job.

I have a script run through AppManager which runs an snmpget and can return the value such as a hostname.

My problem is this: Where can I find a reference of all SIM (on UNIX) OIDs, the type, possible values and meaning of all these values?

Alternatively Im happy to investigate another route besides SNMP as long as it achieves the end goal of hardware monitoring and can be tied into AppManager. Which can effectively run any program or util as its Perl based.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: SIM monitoring through SNMP interrogation


I'm not sure about NetIQ's functionality, but if it can accept SNMP traps, then all you should need to do would be to import the mib's for the HP management pack that you've installed on the blades. You can find mib updates on HP's SIM site:

Select the Download HP SIM link, choose your platform (Windows, Unix, Linux) and then snag the "ProLiant MIB update kit for HP SIM for " about halfway down the page. If NetIQ is anything like HP SIM, you should then be able to compile and import the mibs so that NetIQ can decode the traps directly from the agents on the blades.

Hope I've come close on what you were looking for. Good luck.