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SIM not working.

Gene Laoyan
Super Advisor

SIM not working.

We have our test rx2620 loaded with HP-UX 11.23, installed HP SIM 5.0 and IVM Beta 2.0.
SIM is not working. We can not connect to the server. https://servername:50000

We are getting the error "The page can not be displayed" from Internet explorer and from Mozilla on the server itself, we get "The connection was refused when attempting to contact: https://servername:50000"

Any help is appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: SIM not working.

Hello Gene,

Check proxy settings and firewall ports.

Gene Laoyan
Super Advisor

Re: SIM not working.

No proxy settings on web browsers.
Our Firewall/Router is open to all ports.
Our lab is completely isolated and there is no need for us to block ports, hence, it's fully open.

What do I need to do to check if the web service is running and that SIM is running?
Regular Advisor

Re: SIM not working.

try to connect to the link "http://:280" instead of https....

Have you launch SIM with mxstart? if yes, check these process on CMS using ps:

postgres --> (db manager)

Consider that SIM take some minutes to start (2/3). To be sure it runs, execute the command "mxuser -lt". It must return the list of SIM users.

If you want to restart SIM:
1. gwlmcmsd --stop (if you have installed VSE)
2. mxstop
3. wait untill the process are stopped (ps â ef|grep â i mx)
4. mxstart (wait for 2/3 minutes)
5. mxuser -lt (It must return the list of SIM users)
6. gwlmcmsd (if you have installed VSE)